Montag, 29. September 2014

You can find your own way

"Der Schmerz vergeht,
der Stolz bleibt."
#Story of emotions, #emotive motions, ©
In the middle of nowhere might be the title of this story but this would only reflect half of the story. Firstly, I want to say thank you to those who make this event possible for me as mentioned first my sponsor TCS covering participation and hotel, further to my brother who managed to get a decent flight and of course to those who believe in me like Taleja and all the others who supported me by their comments.
When someone would have asked me on Friday if I would run? I would have answered never, on Saturday I would have answered no and on Sunday I started even if still weakend by viral infection. So what was happened to switch me decision right before the start? Normally I would reshape and start somewhere else when I'm full of power and energy again but the reception on Saturday evening to which I got an invite by my sponsor was so affectionate and informative so for instance they had no small sized shirt anymore but they took one from someone else and said: "You run, so you get what is fitting to you". And I may not forget to set the wife of the regional CEO apart who actually came with hers whole family to greet their participants and was really nice and conversationalist as well.
Even if I was very weakend as mentioned above I tried to keep with my race strategy which means held in the group of the 3:00h pacemaker as long as I can. Went so-so. Don't get me wrong the first 20km's were quite decent which almost resembles a miracle. Granted, but excluded from km5 where I already wanted to take off my number and finally quit my competition due to my bad health. Around the half Marathon mark I eventually switched my mindset from my only aim is to reach 2:59h and nothing else counts to anyone who finishes and rather gets his medal in the end is a hero and it's therefore a decent goal as well. But to be honest it was an agony for almost 3:30h and occasionally my tears actually was up which is however a pleasant feeling.
#Some good news beside, got finished 3rd place in my age group (18-29), #Spring 2014
Let me just add some of the numerous excursus. At my flight from STR to TXL I met Heinz Horrmann who you may know from the German TV as jury of cooking arena on VOX. You can guess now who was allowed to board first. It was my pleasure as he was just second thanks to my pre boarding status likewise. To sum up Berlin and me will not be friends ever ask my destiny why things going that way but I will keep on running even in 2015 and send love to the world for the nonce. Hope you enjoy the impressions.
#KW39, #KW40 will follow soon, you may get exicted about that..


  1. Hammer Leistung, wie geht's dir jetzt gesundheitlich? Hoffe alles gut.
    Magst du eigentlich Lindt Schokolade?

  2. Ich hoffe dir gehts gut, du kannst stolz auf dich sein ! :) Ich bins zumindest.

    Ich als naja, "neu" bochumerin war ja beim Derby mittendrin und könnte jetzt etwas zu deinen Dortmundern sagen, aber aus purer Fairness lass ich das, aber auch nur weil ich stolz auf dich bin ;)

    Und ich muss kritik üben: Was soll das Englisch? Ich meine, Weltsprache etc.klar, aer ich fands persönlich in deutsch angenehmer, aber ist natürlich deine entscheidung, versteh mich nicht falsch :)

  3. Nice post!!!
    Have a good week!!! my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  4. Ich weiß nicht, was ich auf deinen Kommentar antworten soll, denn ich sehe darin kein "natürliches korrektiv".
    Und das hat auch absolut nichts mit lernen oder nicht lernen zutun, sondern einfach mit der Tatsache, dass man auch trotz lernen durchs Abi fallen kann.